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Concept Aware: Elements of the Creative @ Maine Media

  • Maine Media Rockport, ME (map)

Concept Aware® provides a roadmap of creativity which enhances a photographer’s ability to problem-solve, innovate and analyze their own unique practice. Participants articulate and strengthen their visual voice. The result of an expanded and intentional visual fluency results in more impactful images. An increased awareness of how one sees directly impacts an artists’ ability to contextualize their work and to write and speak of their process with clarity.

The conceptual framework of Concept Aware® is a based on research in the fields of semiotics, education and the humanities. It’s clear structure and practical tools are applicable to the advanced student, emerging or established professional, and academic. Outlined are dynamic layers of choice and decision- making utilized when transforming an abstract idea into a project or body of work for exhibition or publication.

Specific stages within the creative process are isolated, lending an artist the ability to locate, and ground, their process along the continuum of creativity. Highlighted are the singular building blocks which support an inspired idea. Eight essential elements of creative practice are identified, illustrated utilizing examples within contemporary photography, and form a new foundation to view, inform and conduct one’s creative process.