"An inspiring and jam packed workshop. I came away with knowledge about how to take my ideas and make them bloom. I loved sharing work in a safe and constructive place and gaining intimate knowledge of each of my classmates by workshops end."

Besty Fenik

"Sybylla’s strength lies in her ability to gather, articulate and contextualize the work I was creating innately. Sybylla also helped me gain a clarity and comfort level with my editioning and pricing. And she turned my artist statement into a riveting message of purpose."

J. Fredric May, Photographer

"I especially want to thank Syb for her amazing, profound and peristent curatorial skills."

— Neal Rantoul, Photographer

"I know we were up against a very quick deadline and I really appreciate all the work that you did on our behalf. You are a word smith extraordinaire and your insight in to the art was refreshing and affirming."

— Elizabeth Stone, Photographer

"I felt the sense of clarity after the workshop. I came home and jumped right into looking through and editing an on-going series. I felt comfortable in my own creative process." 

Amy Thompson Avishai, Photographer

"Your comments and suggestions were incredibly helpful in helping me decide on where to focus my efforts and where to go next with my photography." 

Cattie Coyle, Photographer

"I had such a fun and fulfilling time at the workshop this past weekend. It was very much insightful, enlightening and many more adjectives describing how you flipped a switch to turn on the proverbial lightbulb over my head. I can not thank you enough.”

—  Joe Staska, Photographer

Your vivid imagination and energy motivate me to explore possibilities. Your organization, writing ability and presentation skills establish a clear path and generate something special.”

— Lavonne Hall, Masters Thesis Student

“I especially appreciate how you pulled particular images to tighten up the edit and help me locate the key pictures I should be using to get the project seen more widely. Thank you again for your thoughtful critique of my work and our fruitful conversation at ACP.” 

— Jared Ragland, Photographer