Read here Through a Woman's Lens: A Survey of Women Photojournalists since 1898, ZEKE Magazine, Spring 2018.

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Book Reviews

Read here Hank Willis Thomas: All Things Being Equal, ZEKE Magazine, Spring 2019.

Video & Audio Presentations

Watch here the Art and Activism panel held in New York City by Adorama Inspire. Moderator J. Sybylla Smith talks with artists, writers, curators and photographers about the idea of advocacy and activism for social justice causes through art.

Watch here more videos from J. Sybylla Smith.

Listen here to J. Sybylla Smith and Robert Caplin unpack Concept and Creativity in this episode of the Photo Brigade Podcast.

Listen here to the conversation between Suzee Skwiot from Adorama: The Podcast, and J. Sybylla Smith as they talk photography and the creative process.